Dolores’ Story

“I think hunger is a big problem right now and it’s upsetting how close to home it can be. Hunger is something that is solvable, but often times it gets overlooked.” – Dolores Catalano

Dolores Catalano’s mother was raised during WWII, a time when food shortages were not uncommon within communities. In thinking of her grandmother, who used to deprive herself of food to make sure she could feed her kids, Dolores is continually reminded of how fortunate she and her family truly are to be able to put food on their table each and every day.

Inspired by her own family story, as well as the stories of others, Dolores was drawn to the ShopRite Partners In Caring and General Mills Expressions of Hunger contest in her local paper, The News Transcript. She felt compelled to create a video that would educate others on the issue of hunger and motivate them to get involved.

With the help of her two young children, Brian and Andrew, who acted in the video, Dolores filmed her “expression” as a silent movie and titled it, “Hunger is Real (Hands).” Her video touches on how close to home hunger can be, whether a neighbor or friend, and how it affects millions of people across America. Through her video, Dolores hoped to remind others not to take the simple things in life for granted, such as food on the table.

Continuing to help in the fight against hunger, Dolores has been actively involved in collections at her children’s schools, donating food and clothing whenever possible to help others in need. Dolores also tries to purchase from companies that are helping to alleviate the issue of hunger. She feels it’s important for companies to lead hunger-fighting activities, including walk-a-thons, food drives and donations to encourage others to get involved.

View Dolores, Brian and Andrew Catalano’s video entry here:Hunger Is Real

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