Hunger Fighting Heroes of Passaic

Behind every victorious leader is a team of dedicated individuals willing to go the distance and do whatever it takes to fulfill a need. Kevin Fragale, store manager of the ShopRite of Passaic, and his team of hunger-fighting heroes is the epitome of what it means to lead the fight against hunger.

For the past 10 years, store associates at ShopRite stores across six states compete to raise money and awareness to help fight hunger in their communities. Under Kevin’s leadership, the ShopRite of Passaic competed for the first time in 2008, and placed first, raising more than $16,000 to help local food banks and charities in the community.

How did the ShopRite of Passaic do it? Kevin locked his boss and store owner behind bars and set a hefty bail. As part of a Jail-and-Bail fundraiser, store managers and employees were placed behind bars in an effort to raise funds for local food banks. Kevin and his winning team encouraged customers, friends and family to visit the store and make donations in order to set bail and help fight hunger in their community.

Without his team, Kevin could not have pulled off this successful fundraiser or other store events. Team members such as Luisa Mejia have continued to play an integral part in helping to raise money by participating in several fundraisers. Harriet Green led the support staff by encouraging teammates and generating enthusiasm from customers for their numerous events.

With stellar leadership from its store manager and commitment from its all-star team, the ShopRite of Passaic continues down the path of excellence in raising money and awareness in the fight against hunger