Payton’s Story

Payton Sinkbeil was only eight years old when she first learned that not all children went to bed with full stomachs. One night, while complaining about not getting ice cream after dinner, her father explained to her that while she wouldn’t have ice cream tonight, many children wouldn’t even have dinner tonight. Payton was so upset by the thought of children going hungry that she woke up the next morning and asked her parents if she could do something to help those who don’t have enough to eat.

Payton, with the help of her parents, enlisted teachers and school children at Coventry Christian to start a food drive. Payton’s goal was to collect enough food to fill her father’s 24-foot trailer. She and her friends made posters about the drive and hung them around town and wrote letters to local stores asking for donations. Payton’s food drive collected approximately 1,000 items which were donated to her local food pantry.

Recently, 9-year-old Payton held her second annual “Payton Food Drive” at the ShopRite of East Norriton in Pennsylvania. She raised more than 2,000 pounds of food, which was donated to the Pottstown Cluster Outreach Program. Earlier in the year, Payton was honored by ShopRite and General Mills for her hunger fighting efforts. Payton was among five children and five adults who were selected to grace the front of a limited-edition Cheerios box.

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