“If New Jersey is the second wealthiest state then why does hunger still exist?” – Nicholas Kubian, on behalf of SouperVan

While researching ideas to extend the reach of SouperVan, a new social enterprise aimed to provide healthy and affordable food alternatives to the public, Co-Founder Nicholas Kubian learned about the ShopRite Partners In Caring and General Mills Expressions of Hunger contest. Nicholas and his partner Dominick Rodriguez felt this would be a great vehicle to get their message out to local communities while also supporting their mission to assist charitable organizations that help to feed their hungry neighbors.

One out of ten people in New Jersey is food insecure. To address this, Nicholas and Dominick, along with the help of Catherine Wang, Rachel Platt, Kassandra Medina, Dave Palacios and Meekaaeel DeBradley, brainstormed a concept that would showcase how close to home hunger can hit.

SouperVan’s video submission, “Half a Sandwich,” did just that. Filmed as a silent video, their touching entry shows a woman who works as a waitress taking home a customer’s half-eaten sandwich to feed her daughter that night. By showing a working mother, the group hoped to depict how hunger might not be as obvious as people expect it to be.

In addition to inspiring others to get involved through the ShopRite Partners In Caring Expressions of Hunger contest, SouperVan is involved with Elijah’s Promise and is dedicated to helping their New Jersey neighbors fight hunger in their communities. The group also plans to use their entry as a starting point to produce more documentaries on the issue of hunger and will continue to live out their mission by working with more organizations throughout New Jersey.

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View Soupervan’s “Half a Sandwich” here: Half A Sandwich