The SHARE Project of The Trenton-Area Soup Kitchen

“People are not aware of the fact that hunger is happening right here in our community. The media doesn’t show often enough how pervasive the issue of hunger is and how it isn’t just the homeless that suffer – it could be their next door neighbor.” – Jaime Parker, on behalf of The SHARE Project

In January 2009, members of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) started a new Performing Arts Program, entitled The SHARE Project that offers support to TASK clients interested in writing and the performing arts. The SHARE Project aims to give a voice to all those interested in poetry, music, dance and theater by providing an opportunity for them to participate in programs they typically do not have access to.

Inspiring others to raise awareness for the issue of hunger through artistic expression, The SHARE Project leapt at the chance to participate in the ShopRite Partners In Caring Expressions of Hunger contest. Combining their creative interests with an issue that affects some of the group members daily, the SHARE Project created “The Red,” a dramatic poetry reading by a group of people – some who have personally struggled with hunger in their pasts. Throughout the poem, similarities between humans and animals were drawn to show how universal the issue of hunger is.

“We’ve experienced hunger personally,” said Derrick Branch, a participant in The SHARE Project. “I was a child in the 1960s and my mom had 10 kids. She was the only one working and even though some of the kids would bring home money from side jobs, it wasn’t enough to get by. Many days, for five to ten years, I went hungry. I was dying inside and crying for food. I found an outlet in writing about these difficult times and am glad the ShopRite Partners In CaringExpressions of Hunger contest allowed me to share my thoughts with the world.”

Jaime Parker of The SHARE Project said that their organization was glad for this opportunity as it was a natural fit to align with their mission. She hopes that the videos will help more people realize that hunger is a serious issue and inspire them to take action by reaching out to lawmakers who can create change in the system.

“Through our participation in the ShopRite Partners In CaringExpressions of Hunger Contest, we hope to further bring awareness to the issue of hunger and change the negative stereotype that people have,” said Parker. “We hope that our video showcases the many faces of hunger, so people understand that anyone can be affected by this issue.”

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View The SHARE Project’s “The Red” here watch?v=jFUEw4yNdeE