Elijah’s Promise

“The thoughts of bones keep my mind in the red. I’m starving man, and I’ve got to be fed. ‘Cause for a bone, my stomach grumbles and groans. So out of touch, like a dog with a jones.”

These are the lines from “The Red”, a video created by the Share Project, a unique group of talented artists at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). The Share Project is comprised of music and performing arts groups that meet once a week to practice and then perform live in the community. The performers work on creative writing – poems, plays, public- speaking -and the musicians practice music – both groups improving their on-stage presence.

The video they created, ‘The Red’, depicted what it might feel like to experience hunger. To create the video, each of the artists wrote a poem about hunger and then blended stanzas from these poems and added a refrain: “I’m like a dog with a jones,” the haunting refrain repeating again and again. The team then collaborated on the storyboard, script, imagery and setting, creating a finished product that resembles an intriguing and startlingly professional video on the devastating effects of hunger.

The group entered the video in the ShopRite Partners In Caring Expressions of Hunger Contest ‘ and won! One of the prizes was the group’s photo featured on the back of 150,000 special-edition Cheerios boxes sold exclusively at ShopRite stores. Their video was also featured online, providing great exposure and publicity for the TASK artists and program.

‘The bragging rights were incredible,’ recalls Jaime Parker, Share Project Coordinator at TASK. ‘Improving self-esteem is a major goal, yet this is sometimes a slow process for us. When we won the contest, it was an incredible and immediate boost of confidence for our performing artists.’

‘After we won the competition, we witnessed dramatic improvements in a number of the members’ public speaking skills and confidence, thanks to the success of our ShopRite video. Shortly afterward, a few of our artists applied their newly found confidence and were able to ace the interview process and secure jobs. Other artists contacted their families and friends with the news of our win and they were able to upload the video from afar and feel proud of their family members’ accomplishment,’ explains Jaime.

ShopRite is proud to be able to touch the lives of people in need. Their partnership with TASK is one small example of how ShopRite donates more than just food to the communities it serves.

View this ShopRite/Cheerios Expressions of Hunger Winning video, ‘The Red’ at: The Share Project